Here I figured I was pretty crafty to know what an ottoman was, way back when ‘LtI’ was at its peak. (I think I was in 4th grade at the time.) I am still chuckling at myself–there was a time when I laboriously transcribed the lyrics to several noteworthy songs. (This was when Commodore 64s were novelties–the start of computer classes in school for playing Lemonade and such, and the notion that lyrics sites would exist one day would’ve come across in the same way as the perpetual claim that X disease will be cured in 5 years (even 15 years after the initial prognostication).)

Included in that manual transcribing phase was one ditty that left me amused at the prospect of not wanting to go to school, and then not having an ottoman to rest one’s feet on if skipping school–what a waste that would be. Needless to say, I was reminded tonight about how inaccurate my lyrical understanding always was in the absence of published lyrics. Um, at least I’m self-correcting now? I think there was a moment when I saw the actual lyrics, and consciously decided my version was funnier and catchier.