Do you want to be concentrating on the act of waiting, or focus on awareness of opportunities while you’re “waiting”?

Did you realize you have a choice?

The way I think of waiting, for anything, is transformed by the mental gymnastics performed in my brain (and all the cool interpretive lenses I’ve soaked up over the years). I’ve realized recently that I equate waiting with an active state — a time of waiting is a time to explore and either notice things I otherwise wouldn’t, or to engage in spontaneous creative pursuits and thoughts of wellness for the aforementioned ever-expanding mass of relational beings.

To me, the phrase “watchful waiting,” or “watch and wait,” especially in the context of treating NF2 (re: intervention based mainly on MRI results vs.treatment based on overall condition and functional changes), and more importantly /living/ with NF2, doesn’t imply we’re supposed to sit around and wait for our body to crumble. Rather, it bolsters the necessity of maximizing what we’ve actually got access to, instead of hedging bets with conflated odds (and risking) what there is a fear of losing in the indefinite future.

I know I’ve written these sentiments before, but it has been quite awhile since I’ve aired them publicly, and it kind of bothers me the wisdom of my doctors doesn’t get more play, despite mounting evidence in clinical outcomes and general advances in neuroscience.

Have you hugged your neurosurgeons today?

Oh, and “Go Panthers!