May 2008

I’m a bit late to get a post up for this, but there’s a day remaining to bid in Neurofibromatosis, Inc.’s National Doodle Day auction. You may want to check them out!

That was twelve years ago.

That’s probably alright in the grand scheme of things: As a result, I’ve been piling on layers of experiential consciousness.

That’s useful when you get right down to it.


That was the take-home acronym from his* visit to the basement of Lewis Hall, early in my undergraduate years at Notre Dame.

1994 ND football

1994 ND stadium with blimp

Thanks for all the memories, Lou, and for your continued brand of humor!

As an incidental note, John Cooper was the OSU QB when my trusty neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert L. Campbell, was attending The Ohio State University.

And Bonus photo:

Regis and Me (before either of us were making millionaires out of others...)

* View linked story prior to May 9, 2008; courtesy of South Bend Tribune.

I just lost a long, thought-filled post. It was titled “this moment.” But this moment isn’t that moment.

I think I’ll be revisiting the topic soon, but figured something tonight’s better than nothing.