I thought I’d be kicking myself for not getting things checked out sooner, and then not being vigilant enough in follow-up. So I did overcompensate in follow-up, and have convinced myself to be quicker on the draw when minor ills present in the future.

I think things are working out again. What a mindgame that is, though, knowing how rapidly changes have come in the past. Sigh. It’s a luxury to forget the fluctuations in feelings of being well/ill. For too long, I just had to go along with it, and I was finally getting accustomed to shaping more of my days rather than other factors dictating them. I can talk tough now, at this moment. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

And that’s what pushes one to operate beyond routine. I don’t always acknowledge necessity like I should. Adapting and growing to get along well with what’s required let’s us look around some without falling.