August 2008

Now I’m not even sure of Yoda’s height, but I’m still going to guess my 2 year-old nephew is shorter and much younger than the distinguished green sage.

My sister mentioned that Yoda is the probable halloween costume for nephew L this year. I could sorta see this coming. I am fully supportive, yet still cautious around his light saber wielding skills.

L is actually a lot like Yoda:

He uses words carefully. At least in my presence. (Ok, he actually communicates a lot nonverbally–especially with me and for my benefit. I have no doubt he will be a chatterbox before long, so I am enjoying the very cool understanding we have now.) It is so cool how he reacts to being treated with the same respect and high regard I’ve come to extend without regard to age or status. His will is strong and I have learned a lot from interactions with him–that is, I have learned a lot from him.

His facial expressions know no bound. I actually revel in all my nephews’ looks, and could just take continuous pictures of them from moment to moment, but it gets challenging with four of them: I pan faces faster without the extra hardware. I like to believe I don’t miss so much in the present. And then there are times when the camera gig is too much.

He responds with full comprehension to even complex constructions.And many times, he carries out actions I allude to, despite the rapidity of my speech. The “don’t expect, suggest” principle works well with him. (I have always found it curious I speak so fast at times, considering the fastest talkers have always alluded my own ability to lipread and comprehend speech.) What a reward to verify understanding through his actions, though!

And, for the most part, the sense of calmness and acceptance he has about himself and others. And, of course the energy that brings to his vicinity.

Aren’t we all embodiments of living contradictions?

noitneter esrever

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