October 2008

Shocking and amazing. Such extremes. Just a start. Lots to write… and much seems so insignificant in light of other events I’ve learned of belatedly. I remember a time when the playful, yet still very much sincere, compassion infused similar times. Now, it is like they run on different channels, with a switch that takes more effort. I think part of it is finding adequate language, but then, still, the interpretation of tone is out of our hands.

There’s still that space to “just be,” yet to be authentic we feel an obligation to account for the gaps.

And yet, for the most part, people understand and relate to more than we realize.

forgot to study everything.

I have increased my interest in the more proximal judiciary over the years. So how did I forget to read up on the judges due for retainment votes this election cycle?

If you are vocal, then I hope you have a sense of both.

Sheet of notebook paper from the 1980s.

(text of the PDF letter posted above follows, and then contemporary commentary)

Dear Tooth Fairy,

I know alot of people are loosing thier teeth, because of the Thanksgiving rush, but please give me $1.50 instead of $1.00.

P.S. If you dond have change and you only have $2.00 or twenty that will be fine.

I DON’T Have ALOT LEFT SO Depend on Nicholas, my baby cousin, he has lots!

***** original spelling and other errors preserved from original document

I still sort of remember how the P.S. was an afterthought. By this time, I knew the connections with the tooth fairy, and that being too overtly greedy would not work.  I love how I framed the option of rounding up to larger denominations as being satisfactory and convenient. But that’s after my first recall was one knowing that this was during my Monopoly-mastering stage, so I didn’t realize I was so diplomatic in the request. (I think I had another note when I was cashing in a tooth with a silver filling, but I’ve never come across that one.) The reason I didn’t have many primary teeth left had a lot to do with the missing top-front four, and another instance when I lost two teeth on the same day. Look how smart my parents were, though—they knew the teeth supply was limited, and so funded the tooth fairy trade. When it came to school, they never destroyed the intrinsic motivation of learning (or inadvertently raised the pay-off for cheating) by paying us for grades.

Definitions of diplomacy and winning a war

Confessions of love

And someone is just confusing me.

Ok, we won’t have even the appearance of a conversation. I’ll just keep changing the subject. I’m a rebel. So clever, yeah.

I am unprepared, which is sad.

Joe Biden just entered and plopped a six-pack on the podium.