I’m still keeping myself from logging on to my desktop, as much as I am itching to indulge some hypergraphic debriefing, as well as engage in discussions. It’s just too easy to lose time, and although I have intermittent bursts of motivation and mental activity, I notice the taxing feeling that begins even just scribbling my log of activities and changes in sensations. It also seems the support of my recliner for my legs, head, and neck is helping greatly, along with food that’s easily served.

Weakness is still significant but manageable–I’m generally at ease in my own space and taking care of all the essentials without feeling strained (although it does seem my loo sunk into the floor a couple inches–and I’m back to using more care especially when transitioning from sitting to standing and back). The whole thing of staying in bed the few times I woke up last night seems like one of the smartest moves I’ve made in a long time. So scratch my earlier thing about going ahead and getting up (or did I even post that? I think I started a few posts… ) And it really comes down to whether one’s bladder is happy or not… Ok ellipses are back. I got the sign.