Ok, so I remember as an undergrad, way back in the days when white boards hadn’t replaced blackboards yet, and it was funny-in-a-cute sort of way for instructors to get a chalk line from leaning against the tray (not that I was inspecting anyone’s buttocks). So then, of course, it was that much funnier when I did the same thing.

I just thought of that as a link from sidewalk chalk, clean slates, and generally just trying to engage more instances of effortless action.

I’m still adjusting to a higher dose of my anti-seizure med, but I did receive full approval for using only the trade brand. My better moments are not yet all that frequent or lasting. But I do have healthy perspective–of importance I never underestimate.

Anyhow, right now, my body’s like a pinball machine, and I’m just trying to keep the game going while I get a hang of working the flippers again.