I was watching some cycling events yesterday, for no paricular reason or habit. The fans who were ducking in, and running along the course were the most entertaining element. One dude running with the Tour of California had what must have been five foot, multi-point deer antlers on his head/helmet, and was pretty impressive for the stretch he managed to stay in the midst of the race. It was surreal, actually. He’s probably some sort of legend.

Then, there were the Speedo-clad peeps, the equivalent of streakers–just fit enough to make a quick appearance. Cali is interesting because of the terrain, meeting of mountain and sea. So you’ve still got snow mounds along the roadside, but everyone’s dressed as if they are spending a day at the beach.

Earlier, I think they showed the Tour of Qatar, and I was supremely impressed by the plentitude of 3-lane+ round-a-bouts along the course.