I’m at the mercy of others for rides for awhile. (It’s informal and self-imposed.) The role is one of capitulation when it comes to few and far-between local trips around town: I’m not all pushy about controlling the tunes. So, bye-bye to my preferred grooves, and hello, unknown/later-checked Sunny 101.5. The perfect laboratory setting, though: caught unaware, seconds after we had slowed for several deer to dart across the road at twilight, and this song sounds familiar. “I think I know this song…” Seconds later: You Can Call Me Al–for sure, based on the smiling driver, and courtesy each of my 4 programs. Program 3 allowed for initial recognition, with Program 2 yielding the best capture of range of sounds in the moving vehicle.

Overall, concern about limb weaknesses grew today. But I do hope to be documenting more settings and listening experiences soon–hopefully feeding back on overall strength building. I had the orientation to all this formulated and put into action so well as a late-teen and through early twenties. I recovered it a couple times, but don’t seem to complete what I need to get things to stick before another hit shifts it all again. When you can’t pin it down, you just try to do whatever you can, and keep at it, altering pieces here and there–aware of plenty that you’re missing. Interaction.
Just so there’s no bogging down in better or worse, rather than just different; the aspects and qualities we miss when we judge prematurely…