so I am taking it level and all in with the plan and unfolding experiences. No worries, please. Positive vibes, prayers, thoughts, and healing energy are all appreciated.

Since last Mon am:
Sent to local ER after calling neuro.

Brain swelling.

Ambulance transport arranged to take me to IU for preadmit.

Admitted to Neuro ICU.

(Insert a whole lot of interesting, yet mutually well-managed experiences and exchanges of info.)

Too wearing to recap. IU rules. I’m in the best hands, and was able to come home to rest for the weekend, with family’s fulltime assistance. So I’ve gotten rest and we have been able to get things together for my admission, get a jump on OT and PT. Moment to moment is working, with many moments of joy and humor. Lots of stories.

Surgery will start early Wednesday morning. Very involved; be patient. I am comfortable with the process of healing. Back to relaxing. You too! Have fun!

And many thanks, always!