We’ve had a nice relaxed pace getting things together. Smooth.

I am supremely pleased with my body’s tolerance and the ease of activity around me. (Still a superfan!) My family’s awesome, encouraging and right on the ball.

Everything is so delicately contingent, and going moment to moment is adding up well. Still the realistically cautious optimist, guarding most against a fall is the main thing at this point.

I feel positive and as if the dexamethasone is working with my body. The sleep has to be the main key! ABI sounds are nice too–regulating beats from the wall clock, and then sounds of the house.

Eating and all that good stuff’s going well. Gentle movements are key. Nice that vision is good, no fever, no nausea, and weaknesses are compensated by others. There’s a joy in just feeling and experiencing. Simple. Not exactly rare for me on any day. And the abundance of pillows, jokes, and hugs help too.

I’m focused on healing, compassion, and thinking of all yous. Keep smiling!