First unassisted shower and day of outpatient therapy sessions without wearing a hat. (This resulted in me being more chatty and outgoing. But then my post-op Self has been developing too… Don’t ask me to detangle it so early.)
I only needed help once, late in the day, to get up. Handled quite a few steps with walker unassisted.

Within the last several days, my mind’s been cranking more. I started some hypergraphic writings, but I’m gonna let things simmer like the good old days. Today’s cognitive testing (about which I have repeatedly quipped I’d rather be on the administering and tabulating/analyzing end!) included some reverse retention exercises, using spoken numbers. This is sorta like the ones in the Memory part of Big Brain Academy, but without the visual cues of the numbers, colors, and limited response set. And, I’m deaf and lipreading, so my mind’s working that extra OOMPH on the stimulus intake (brain focused on converting mouth movement instead of imagining/organizing the sequence). In any case, I extended that portion of the test up to 8 numbers. Fatigue started to play a big role because I’d done a number of the “name as many X (e.g. animals, names, things that start with letter _) as you can in a minute” items (which I am still inhibited in answering because it sorta feels like the scene in Ghostbusters yada yada yada).

Ok, so there’s a tiny slice of the action here from today.