Back to dependence on communication for cognitive ability assessment — such a one-way dynamic; tester’s influence on responses (superfluous comments on expectations and levels of difficulty; nervousness or anxiety of tester when administering it verbally; incomplete instructions. Lack of alternative formats reducing reliability — violates model assumptions to a sig degree.

Language so fundamental. Prominence of translation. Diff areas of brain for processes–affects timeline after physical insults for coordination and quick switching in rehab tasks. And then whoosh! (For maybe parts… Yet family and therapists still hold impression of individual during compressed frame of prior time–THAT is where the most flexibility in thinking is required.

We all, always have much to learn, in different ways and domains. And there’s no reason it shouldn’t be enjoyable. (More an interpretive issue there… the learner’s decision to make a task fun–and have an inducive environment to act.)