I had surgical follow-up MRI and visit with my NS in Indy last Mon., as well as eye work-up with my neuro-opthalmologist (and several delightful residents, interns, etc).

Largest brainstem tumor stable (news to us all!) and Dr. Witt very happy with my condition post-op this last meningioma removal. Great to see function and strength markedly improved–and especially cognitive and language areas coming back. The lesion was very large, extending on both sides of internal ABI components, and evidenced by the length of the incision. My optic nerve tumor is partially hidden on scans by other things in my head, so we are going mainly by symptoms to assess the status of that. I am to watch for changes in my peripheral vision, especially. Back in a year.

Eyes are generally good. My left one has dry spots, so I’ll stay confidently vigilant on using drops. (I did ask about the larger containers of drops and the gels with the “disappearing preservative.” Confirmed again: it’s the build up over time of the preservatives, as well as increased risk of infection that makes the individual vials I’ve been using since the mid-90s the wisest choice for addressing the more mechanical root (incomplete and irregular lid closure)–AKA warped windshield wiper effect–of my chronic dry eye.) Dr. Yee reiterated that we can’t see tumor to assess because of ABI, but my peripheral vision is great (I aced a new vision field test–and boy has that technology come a long way since the 80s when they were mapped by hand). He also put in drops to confirm that the lower vision score in left eye was from the dry spots and not related to my cataracts. Back in 6 .mos.