First time rising unassisted from a low (standard height) household toilet seat since February. I’ve had higher seat extensions and railings since mid-May and am pleased with this development because it’s indicative of more general improvements–AND because I didn’t try to rush it.

First time ever using one of those electric scooters at a store. And rock–it served doubly: first allowing conservation of energy so I had it for the toilet acrobatics (and to clean up after ANOTHER JUNE BIRTHDAY meal and cake), and secondly as a test drive before my real driving assessment in early July. I’m simply happy to be alive, of course. Being able to drive is a great bonus–especially considering my locale, age, and status. The scooter is nifty. My reluctance to use many things (including accessible parking spots and doors in the past) stems from knowing “use it or lose it” rings true to some extent, as well as continually rediscovering shifting boundaries and limits.