Don’t ask me where the song came from. I’m cleaning, and should have tunes on, but I don’t. I guess it’s good at this point in my recovery to allow my brain to wander musically. (I think I would have done much better in the hospital if I had had music… And not been bombarded with the flickering of TVs… but hey, here I am now, and the third time is where I’ve used my lessons from the last two surgeries–once my mind was allowed to come back around.)

I winnowed down my socks. I still have two pairs of patterned long socks that weathered the way through my mom’s and my teenage years. They don’t make them like that anymore! (I am selective when I wear them now because they are getting thin…)

I usually wear things beyond a condition anyone would want them, but I’m donating a thousand new/almost new hospital footie slippers to charitable orgs–and I still have a hundred for gifts and personal use. It’s unfortunate I’m not craftier with sequins.