For unfamiliar territory and unknown walking distances while still building balance and stamina, I’m advocating the wheelchair over the walker. It’s great for stability and utility (e.g. carrying bag and towel to/from the showers at the campground, a place to sit and rest at anytime–I don’t know how people can stand the back bar on the rolling walkers that have a makeshift “seat,” not to mention trying to keep larger items from falling).

As my friend Yoda would say, “Quite handy wheelchairs are!” This is another thing I’ve made my own. Mobility aids rock! Just like I found I walked more, and more correctly, using a cane while regaining walking and balance in the late 90s and since then, I now acknowledge the leaps allowed by expanding the situations I even consider pulling out wheels. Bonus: pushing L out on the pier after he had a full day yesterday, allowing me to get a good work-out in, with the insurance of a place to rest if needed. It’s empowering to return and take the hill to finish strongly!