Largely thanks to my family, I’m still feeling good and happily unpacking and attending to simple stuff tonight. (They did the labor-intensive stuff all week! I am confident I’ll be pulling my weight soon.)

I should have written down the many song/lyrics ideas I had during our time together. Well, I thought they were funny…

I’m still flashing back to C and D’s re-enactment of the scene from “Titanic,” on the wooden ship at the playground. Then there was L with his fire in the hole, and exclaiming he was in the hole on the beach. Nephew A provided lots of comic relief moments, but now my night meds are kicking in, I’m winding down, and you really had to be there for most.

So splendid to share time with my family when they aren’t stressed in a hospital setting. And it’s needed, too, so we all can heal! And it’s kind of weird, but an accepted reality I’m at peace with: I need to condition them to my expanding capabilities–and be more sensitive to accounting for their perspectives through my actions (rather than trying to talk them through, just show them). I’m thankful we have this opportunity!