A lot of anxiety in this world is born out of a comparative/competically ego-centric/twisted perspective, and making assumptions about others, without the reference of their fuller experiential context. (Or worse yet, the fatalistic assumption that we may only lose, lose, lose, rather than ever gain.) When we free ourselves of some unrealistic notion of existence, possibilities for being unfold, independent of tumors and how they manifest. I completely validate any individual’s personal lived experience, at the same time that I find it constructive to share empowering alternative interpretations. We have all faced many instances of being told what we cannot do, what limitations exist. Yet, the boundaries are in flux. Keep experimenting! What works one moment may not work the next, or it may be a foundation and springboard to novel terrain. We keep reinventing ourselves, adapting, and figuring out more possibilities together. Caring, sharing, friendship–that’s where I’ll invest my chips of certainty in this uncertain journey.

Hope lies not in a particular outcome we deem as most desirable, but in the strength to weather and grow along the journey, to act as a vehicle of compassion.