September 2011

My upper lip revealed the fruits of variety today. You may not even notice or care if you do this. (Kind of like with the little moat in soda pop and beer can tops, where you either allow some of the beverage to remain in there to get stale, while you take a sip, or make a conscious effort to suck it out.) When eating chili, there are a few different ways to go. We are back, baby, to the most satisfying one for me, most sensationally: a spoonful of chili enters the mouth, and a clean spoon exits. Mind you, I was happy with my adaptations along the way.

This gets me thinking back to when my whole mouth was numb for weeks, going from no taste and a constant novocaine-effect, to partial and maligned feeling and function (I still suspect my food was spiked with tons of salt for awhile there), to a new state of feeling healed-even-if-not-perfectly.

I’m sure it took a bit of a number of practices to get back here. Nothing’s a given. Allowing for possibilities, being receptive, and acknowledging these sorts of happenings surely feed a virtuous cycle.

Higher Ground

And then stand.
(This should be in audio–or better yet, mental telepathic audio.)