November 2011

Walking (contrast the roll and the ball, sensation, strength, balance)

NDWBB! Yes, we will!

Arms, hands, and fingers


Those products that are bought, sold, processed, and distributed, or any permutation thereof.

Great, full day — so much so that I ran out of steam to correctly quote myself in my Facebook status (and therefore ended up with one of those that will say more about any person commenting, than about any of the muliple meanings I had in mind — so I make note here of the idea train (or Factory, if one wishes) in motion, among many more strands. Interaction, baby!

Grateful indeed.

Regis and Me (before either of us were making millionaires out of others…)

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The above was back in the day.

New anecdote today, courtesy of Angelo Di Carlo (WNDU), Regis Philbin, and Fighting Irish Football obliging us with a #1, single TD, to defeat BC. Many thanks and many happy adventures to you!

P.S. This anecdote gets better after Regis reigns at the top of the best sellers, so BUY THE BOOK!

(In other venues) I am working on sharing the extremes we get to, without scaring people or trivializing what is being faced at the moment. There is so much strength to tap from these instances when darkness and displacement surround us — when we were truly hanging by a thread. I find it sort of reassuring and empowering that we can endure/embrace such extremes, but for parents with children who were recently diagnosed, it would seem to be horrifying and overwhelming. I feel a need to shield folks and buffer the blows, realizing that people do not give equal weight to every part of information about an experience we describe. They filter through their own lens, applying assumptions, and what is familiar or tolerable. Yet, when I emphasize only the lighter and bright sides, in an attempt to shore up hope, I realize that neglecting mention of the struggles and recurring processes of slight gains and back slips, detracts from establishing ripe conditions and proportional expectations to receive the trumpeted triumphs. How do we de-mystify fears without unintentionally planting new fears?
Time lends itself to changing thresholds, but in the face of demands that something be done immediately, assuming anything is better than nothing* –despite decades of empirical evidence showing otherwise– how do we create a space for yielding, and even considering voices of experience of our friends who are no longer able to share first-person accounts? As I write this, I am processing how it generalizes far beyond what inspired this note.

And so, also, I remind myself that meaning is in the response, and we do not control that response. Perhaps it is sufficient enough to point, yet again, to the importance of what is not said even when we say quite a bit.

In the spirit of compassion and continued discovery, I refrain from inserting scholastic asides and references above. They would serve me, while confusing others.

Pleased to see the word “comprehensive” today? Definitely.

* “Nothing,” is what is perceived. Doing nothing is really about doing everything that is appropriate, at the optimal time, factoring in emergent contingencies. Complexities and unpredictable occurrences vary with time.

I just noticed today that I have almost full differentiation, once again, in feeling of my left pinkie and ring fingers. I’ll attribute this to everyday use, and occasional exercises. It’d be nice if I was back on my bari, but that’s not the actual case. Having these fingers with their distinctive identities does take me back to those golden keys/notes they made possible. Still working on strength, but my card shuffling skills improved in an interim hiatus of specific skills practice. (Thank you to Handy Manny Uno and Sorry! for the testing opps of my ops.) Still amazing the hand was clawed, so weakened, and out of order in 2009. For both my hands, I get a big kick out of opening jar lids, milk jugs, and so many other basics. Never underestimate the utility of our single-use eyedrop vials, or folding laundered wash cloths, for keeping our fingers in shape. Lost and regained. Oops–been meaning to blog Restasis and ameliorating dry eye issues.

A few more and new challenges have me experimenting in other areas, but I like navigating them before writing about them because this is a field of experiences–not some isolated problem. That’s how I approach this gig, anyhow: There are so many fulfilling and sustaining elements in the process of living (many taken for granted).If we center our attention only on what is not working or lacking, then we may miss that we are at a stage of recovery in what was formerly injured. This sort of longitudinal perspective is absolutely fascinating for folks with a central nervous system. (Yes, you!)

It is a true privilege to experience and survive, and encounter variations, and embrace the humilitude (word popped in my mind–because remember: fun is an attitude, and a life of awareness is humbling) of being.