I didn’t make it to London, but my left leg sure showed that 1.5lb (.68kg)* weight who’s boss at PT! (That’s a FIFTY PERCENT INCREASE over last week’s session!) Still, it’s not about the load–it’s about controlling it on the lift both up and down*. Attention, awareness, and persistence add up to flow, baby!
Pleased and humbled: Mark did a great job leading me to show and realize how much progress I’m making. I was put back in my place with bed/table exercises again. There’s always a new one or one I haven’t done in ages, that reduces me to laughter because I become a lump of noodles. (I stopped getting frustrated or discouraged by similar movement limitations a long, long time ago. Laughing at myself lays a positive track for when I try again.)

Keep on working and playing. Many thanks to my spinal cord and brain for being so plastic and accommodating. I love yous!

* Normally, I place a zero to the left side of the decimal point for values less than one. Here, we’re just gonna see who’s paying attention.

** This is a physical, yet still mentally rooted, illustration of Dr. Lou’s maxim:
“It’s not the load that breaks you down – it’s the way you carry it.”

# cue (music)”Moving Right Along” (/music)