It’s a course I didn’t get up to in my CE/GEOS curriculum, yet I have been reflecting on it more recently–particularly with respect to air as a fluid, walking on land, and walking in the pool. Two weeks of M-W-F visits to the therapy pool, and we missed Monday, but we were back today. Again, the Yin/Yang aspects of proper form and relaxation, drew my attention. What’s nice about having my background (athletically and via medical recoveries), is all I internalized and stored in my toolbox without realizing. So much was turned into fun play, even when it was work. The breakthrough today was at least double. First, I decided to ditch the noodle and take advantage of the forgiving fluid in the pool. This put more of my attention on the tactile sensation of my feet, and a more natural striding motion of my hands and arms, which contribute to better form. (In-between, some of these sessions when I’ve really set out to bolster strength/form/balance, I evaluated my mental approach, also. My orientation in the past had been to be receptive to improvements, but not expectant. I set out today with a commitment to relaxation.) Instead of getting bogged down in the lack of roll/elasticity from heel to toes and propelling forward while fending with excessive lateral dips, I was back in my comfort zone of enjoying learning how my body moves, and controlling what I still can(#2 breakthrough from the woman who taught me to walk again again again).

Moments of flow.The process is still the product.