My nephews started it and ended it again. The best weekends culminate in some bonus synchronicity arising from reflexive

Last night delivered ND Football’s final home game of this season. Most triumphant!*

Today (well, yesterday now), NDWBB intensified Przybysz’s upper-body workout.

Assists! The beauty of flow, when a pass is thrown such that it is caught as if the scorer had the ball all along; some passes even defying physics like a bullet in “The Matrix,” threading crevices — the in-betweens only perceptible by the deftest point-guards and quarterbacks — perfect timing, poetry in motion.

3-point plays eclipsing 3-point goals

Video board ambivalence (I am largely a purist there–fine with leaving Jumbotrons and the like to pro sports arenas, as viewed from home.)

And yet, in the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center, it does enhance the game experience and community, in more than just a glitzy, superficial way. I do not ~need~ all the extras, but they work; they humanize; they connect and spread smiles (and dance moves). Oh, and replays and highlights: kudos to the crews!

How about information? What is being shared over the P.A., even more importantly: player jokes and anecdotes?

I think it’s in the works, although it may have been a vision similar to Jake seeing the light***.

Open captions!

Did anyone else notice the slice****?

* Just 11 games after that good-sport natured,”Good luck with that.”

** Soc psych: happy sharing fun and laughs, infectious smiles; Hawaiian ice guy, chicken toss

*** “The Blues Brothers” motion picture reference

**** One of the best moments Saturday night was the sense of community, thanks to the “What would you fight for?” spotlight being Closed-Captioned. “And our hearts forever…”