The last time I had coffee was probably when I was six. Could only stand the taste of it with lots of sugar and some milk in it. I’m thankful I never attempted to aquire a strong preferential taste for it, to blend in more.

My folks are tough workers who have a healthy history of third-shift labor hour tendencies. (Mom’s not q morning person, but Dad doesn’t let midnight oil or daylight burn, vacation/weekend or not–even though I claimed he was sleeping yesterday while I was up with the boys, he was actually out having breakfast with his buddies…)

Anyhow, they love their coffee. I don’t have to care for the taste to be fine tolerating the smell, and even appreciating it for the mood and performance-enhancing effect it has on them. That took time, too. (I don’t pity them for their dependence anymore. Everyone can appreciate the social significance of coffee, aftall!)

In any case, I don’t need to be awake to be wakeful right now. So it was with some deviousness that my dad encouraged exploring a coffee high at this moment.

The voice in my head is speaking at a steady, relaxed pace. So even though one may label this a hyper state of mental and physical acitvity, there’s a meter to it. And since I’m in the moment, I feel secure I’ve been getting rest at each of my intermittent stints lying down.

It’s very cool to be able to keep one’s cool.

And you know that takes me back to the junior high, “Patience,” anecdote. Thanks Axl! I used to be able to whistle the interlude part perfectly, before my lips weakened. Of course, they’ve come back more than I ever expected, and I have the memories (and sensations) of what such sweet whistling–and playing my baritone saxophone–so that’s plenty for me now! So mellow. Like Mellow Yellow (which I never drank much of).

Oh yeah, part of my switch to Cherry 7Up recently is because I’m aware it’s caffeine-free. I’ve also been drinking water. Before that, I was in the Pepper zone, of course.