My Boyz

Return of the Jedi. At least I predicted it tonight as soon as they chose it to watch with dinner, and so I was able to get their beds made before either fell asleep. This is crazy, though, it’s on VHS from when Star Wars was only a trilogy. And I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve watched, er, fallen asleep to it.

So I’m on anti-biotics for a respiratory infection. It’s a short cycle, to finish tomorrow (today). Hard to say they are the only cause, but along with that old feeling like there’s an energy leech attached to me all the time (which I did not miss as a norm!), I’m noticing an aberration while in the midst of a quasi-hypergraphic stint: My spelling’s gone awry. I’ll even spell things correctly at first, but they don’t look right, so then I change only to realize I had it correct to begin. But not always. And I’m recalling concepts and long-dormant mental soundtracks. They are likely linked, which I find tremendously exciting. I think that was the post I lost, too, reflections on Oliver Sacks’_Musicophilia_, and portions I could identify with, as well as things I’ve always suspected but lacked numerous empirical examples to give then much weight.

But today was talent-show-extrordinaire nephew D’s birthday party. My dad borrowed a friend’s enclosed trailer to haul a bath/shower unit to my sister’s house. They’re in the midst of major renovations. I wasn’t there at the time, but the story goes that my parents were proclaiming the trailer to have D’s birthday present, a pony, in it. (Flash to the Seinfeld episode with, “How was I supposed to know she had a pony? Who would leave a country where everyone has ponies?!)

I guess D was a step ahead: he was already extending thank yous for his “new car.”

See it and bee it, baby!”


The only Open-Captioned movie I saw, first-run, at a theater in 2007. I am related to a couple master Skill Crane operators. Hence, the Bart Simpson in Party Posse attire.

C made his first solo omelet in my presence!

It turned out perfectly, and he still let his bro have it. (He is advanced beyond his mother, at that age, as far as sibling goodwill goes. At least as far as I can recall, from the little sis perspective, ahem.)

I didn’t even notice he was cooking until the smell of the nearly finished product wafted from the kitchen. Awesome!

They grow so fast!

So when will we transport smells via the internets? (The Sunday paper’s Baby Blues comic strip is relevant here, in a more general way, perhaps.)

I’m trying to decide whether I should allow a certain pirate* to defeat me in air hockey today, if I manage to convince him to take up another challenge. Being his birthday, I will, of course, supply the quarters. He may even beat me outright, who am I kidding?

*He even explained to me why pirates wear a patch over one eye!

There has been a mix of Star Wars and Pirates themed play lately. Who knew light sabers doubled so well as swords?!

OK, so his younger (1 y.o.) bro walks up to me with two light sabers. I figure he wants to play, so I inquire, “Do you wanna fight?” He hands me both and walks away!