I’m awake and hungry with craving. More importantly, perhaps, able and willing to cook!

Have not gotten much actual sleep, bit I have gotten rest. Right now: must eat!!!

It is sweet to have power to cook and stuff here.

For experienced peeps only:

Were I not in a household with an early riser, I would not go near the stove or oven. It’s important for people on steroids to be monitored by family members, even as they monitor themselves. I’ve got total rational awareness of all I’m doing right now. Slow, mellow.perfect timing.

Janet Jackson’s, “In Control,” running in the upstairs synthesizer.

And after my dad snaps my picture:

The backstage support crew: “Don’t take my picture!” Through his fierce, gritted teeth deadpan.


I’ll get photos loaded later today or tomorrow. After eat and some sleep.

Oh yeah!!!

OMG! Dad just found a Don Pablo’s flyer with coupons in the Sunday ads. Synchronicity baby! The heavens are surely smiling on us. Peace is in reach.

Love one another baby. Right now.