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“See it and be it!”


Regis and Me (before either of us were making millionaires out of others…)

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The above was back in the day.

New anecdote today, courtesy of Angelo Di Carlo (WNDU), Regis Philbin, and Fighting Irish Football obliging us with a #1, single TD, to defeat BC. Many thanks and many happy adventures to you!

P.S. This anecdote gets better after Regis reigns at the top of the best sellers, so BUY THE BOOK!

I surprised Mom, and myself, with a visit today, and ended up embarking on a surprise treasure hunt. She wanted LJS for dinner. (I’m happy to do whatever I can when I can for her–well, for anyone, really.) No coupons were located prior to setting me Saturn to northern coordinates, but her stomach was set. “Just get the Treasure Chest,” she directed.

I sailed fearlessly. Swift, yet mindfully.

I entered LJS, and happened to be looking around enough to notice an ad with several coupons torn out. It had been left (for me?!) on the divider between the entranceway and the seating area. The Treasure chest/family feast (8 fish, 2 sides, and 50 hushpuppies) for $12.99 remained, so I immediately checked the expiration date (and then double-checked the date on my mobile). Whew–last day to redeem. I confidently collected the coupon and proceeded to order and pay. A smooth transaction ensued (aside from a few attempts to sell me beverages, desserts, and more hushpuppies). I sat on the bench, with my order placard displayed, while waiting for the vittles. It was just enough time to notice a man and two children enjoying a meal at the booth next to the exit, and to message Mom that I saw the sign outside for $1 Baja Fish Tacos as I walked in, and ordered those instead. (She is far from a southwestern cuisine afficionado, and I must have been too nice, because she didn’t even flinch before responding, “Ok.” As the Subject, no less!)

Great service, seeing the kids, the timing of the coupon discovery, and anticipation of swiping some crunchies inspired me to ring the bell on my way out the door.

See what transpires when you look around?

*Energy* plus Flow equals synthesis of inputs and generation of life-enriching outputs.

A bit of everything is contributing.

AKA, the Summer of Anti-George

This doesn’t mean I’m against George Costanza, unless of course the Cubs should face the Yankees in the World Series. Rather the contrast in circumstances and goals, as I perceive them at this time.

This is a good kick-off for now. I think I’ll probably have other things to blog about, so I’m hesitant to make my blog all about personal development over the next several months, and hopefully years. But then, there are a lot of unique aspects that will likely coalesce into an interesting constellation of thoughts and experiences, which I may actually be in a frame of mind to work out publicly.

For pleasure reading, on the side-of-the-side, I’ve started Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana. By started, I mean to say I’m only on the second chapter. It was a serendipitous find, a new copy for $5 in hardcover, at a local bargain bookstore. (I don’t have a severance package from the Yankees to bankroll my book buying, as much as I’m for supporting great works/minds/artists.) What makes a worthy novel is being able to identify with the protagonist, to empathize. Sometimes it’s in an abstract way that touches on universal themes. Sometimes details mirror more personal experiences, although maybe in converse ways. Sometimes it’s both. What’s interesting is that I’m dealing with the aftermath and continuing effects (and affects) of bilateral multilateral brain lesions and surgeries. It is only belatedly that I’ve come to realize the life-preserving function of behavior I engaged in that was, incidentally, healthier in the short and longer terms than banging my head against a brick wall, literally or metaphorically.

It still bothers me how much context flows through my mind, as I write, that I cannot manage to convey in a shortened and useful form. Still I’m setting out to revitalize both content and form. To merge them all. I am, largely optimistic. (This isn’t a broken record. There was merely a skip. Grand opportunities still abound.) I am primarily driven by various inspirations… and also more rationally fueled by readings in neuroscience over the last few years. Neural plasticity has certainly worked in my favor. Now to bring out the tools of another craft and synthesize it all again. (using the words… to bring things together, and to create something new, simultaneously; very cool.) Similar process, new product.


That was the take-home acronym from his* visit to the basement of Lewis Hall, early in my undergraduate years at Notre Dame.

1994 ND football

1994 ND stadium with blimp

Thanks for all the memories, Lou, and for your continued brand of humor!

As an incidental note, John Cooper was the OSU QB when my trusty neurosurgeon, Dr. Robert L. Campbell, was attending The Ohio State University.

And Bonus photo:

Regis and Me (before either of us were making millionaires out of others...)

* View linked story prior to May 9, 2008; courtesy of South Bend Tribune.

“It is not by accident that the happiest people are those who make a conscious effort to live useful lives. Their happiness, of course, is not a shallow exhilaration where life is one continuous intoxicating party. Rather, their happiness is a deep sense of inner peace that comes when they believe their lives have meaning and that they are making a difference for good in the world.”

–Ernest Fitzgerald

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