Not everyone will comprehend what’s going on initially. There are deep-seated notions that are so ingrained, they will even keep repeating them, as if saying it discounts emerging experiences. Be kind. Be patient. Keep flowing.

That’s love.

It is about to rain here, which is perhaps contributing to this palpable feeling I have that a friend of mine is on the cusp of a major upswing in condition.We may conceptualize the term friend at individual and collective–wide-ranging social–levels.

This is always a process. I’ve been the one in the facility, in what’s essentially an alternate reality or parallel universe. It is just moment-to-moment, not understanding quite a bit that’s unfolding, but holding one’s best. Then, out of nowhere, it seems, the imperceptible becomes apparent. I think it is aided by the many folks who keep us in their thoughts, and feed into the positive energy of life. Nothing can be forced. Amazing experiences happen when we are receptive to healing and creating possibilities out of what might appear to be nothing.

Time does nothing by itself, but practice requires time.

Solid hope often resides in the least apparent, but most obvious places. The simple, but time-dependent solutions are usually better for the long haul, but lack the hype of technology-intensive actions. I’ve already used the imagery of giant sequoia in an earlier work. Here, I’ll reference the Grand Canyon to illustrate the creative power of subtle changes over an extended time, when built from a strong-yet-mutable, heterogeneous foundation.

Icing: nephews revived rainforest frogs puzzle

Multi-meaning gem: trunk rotations

The moon in the daytime, tball, and a serendipitous swing by my library branch. Freedom for a dollar, little fockers, and TL; followed by funny-in-context abbreviation for texting “leftover.”

*Energy* plus Flow equals synthesis of inputs and generation of life-enriching outputs.

A bit of everything is contributing.

Pay attention to the ubiquity of kindness.

Captel 800i (still on wish-list for my own unit/and to add caller ID to my phone service, but the technology is here to caption incoming calls without an extra relay number and keep those hanger-uppers accountable–applause for parsimony!), increased skills in sign language vocab and reception (thanks to concentrated visits with late-deafened friends), enduring and ever-growing enthusiasm and pragmatic optimism, clever timing of an ideal opportunity at a higher level of commitment.

Win-win situations.

If you are looking to share tickets for Yamato on Friday, then email me.


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