Thank you for the exercises.
Form does not negate content. Understanding emerges through experience, not limited observation. (Deep study and engagement, or teaching and learning via playfulness equals a far better alternative route.)

Concerns about repetition or speaking to a child with the same level of respect given adults?
GHM reflections



It’s a course I didn’t get up to in my CE/GEOS curriculum, yet I have been reflecting on it more recently–particularly with respect to air as a fluid, walking on land, and walking in the pool. Two weeks of M-W-F visits to the therapy pool, and we missed Monday, but we were back today. Again, the Yin/Yang aspects of proper form and relaxation, drew my attention. What’s nice about having my background (athletically and via medical recoveries), is all I internalized and stored in my toolbox without realizing. So much was turned into fun play, even when it was work. The breakthrough today was at least double. First, I decided to ditch the noodle and take advantage of the forgiving fluid in the pool. This put more of my attention on the tactile sensation of my feet, and a more natural striding motion of my hands and arms, which contribute to better form. (In-between, some of these sessions when I’ve really set out to bolster strength/form/balance, I evaluated my mental approach, also. My orientation in the past had been to be receptive to improvements, but not expectant. I set out today with a commitment to relaxation.) Instead of getting bogged down in the lack of roll/elasticity from heel to toes and propelling forward while fending with excessive lateral dips, I was back in my comfort zone of enjoying learning how my body moves, and controlling what I still can(#2 breakthrough from the woman who taught me to walk again again again).

Moments of flow.The process is still the product.

“Even when we deal with major threats, we have the choice to remain receptive
to healing. No expectation. Just simply being a welcoming vessel in the
present state we inhabit. We are all connected, capable of enormous