January 1984

My sister broke a coffee pot.

[2006: fighting was part of events of the day, but keep in mind that I did not break anything or dig my nails into anyone’s skin.]


I watched cartoons.

I wached Annie.

(add in 2006)  Not only did I watch “Annie,” I also taped it on a poor-quality audio cassette, and then replayed it, while acting out the orphanage scenes. I wasn’t a good singer, but that sure didn’t stop me from dreaming!

That was around the same time I had a fondness for tap dancing. (I could not really dance, and wasn’t all-that-serious about wanting lessons, but I’d turn my black patent leather dress shoes into tap shoes, throw a dismembered chalkboard on the floor, and do a little number to, “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” I don’t remember if I pulled out the shiny red baton for that one, or not, but I know the baton was a key part of my, “Milli Vanilli,” routines–perfect for searching high and low!)

I Got to take showerIn the new shower down stairs.

I cleaned my Basement.  My Dad hooked the pipes for the sink and shower.

It was my Dad’s birthday and so we had cake and ice cream.

I had Music.

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