June 2008


Good stuff so far. There’s so much tweaking I can do with four programs in my processor, plus sensitivity and volume adjustments over a good range. We’ll see how beneficial that is. With the BTE, I did have a moment when I felt FREEDOM in full-force. I’ll fill out details of the day, and throw in pictures, when I get back to desktop. I’ve already found a good combo/settings for a noisy restaurant environment and for listening to music over road noise. I’m a little overloaded for now, so choosing rest for the moment.

On our way to Indy. In the Mood (instrumental edition and GMB classic) is in my head. U2 ATYCLB is spinning in the CD deck. I can’t be on the cutting edge of everything in the world of electronic sound regeneration, afterall.

I’m getting my Cochlear Nucleus 22 ABI upgrade speech processor programmed in a few hours. And I’m blogging it.

Right now it’s cognitive. But then, I suppose it always is.

Maybe some substance later!

The long-running, and I’m sure, pretty common joke is to spell something out when (kids)/someone is in earshot rather than explicitly mentioning the topic. So while I was at my sister’s house yesterday and my BiL was sitting a few feet from her on the couch, I figured it would be tacky to mention Father’s Day, and coordinating plans, by name. So I started spelling it, just to be cute (and as an homage to another family member), and then it was funnier as I got beyond the third letter and attempts were made to piece it together.

I meant to tell my dad this story before he left for work today a few hours ago, but I forgot. It’s one that could be subtle in the telling, and therfore almost as funny as the moment it happened, but I’m lacking storytelling finesse at the moment.

Happy Dad’s Day all around! (And if you should have an aspiring athlete, she’ll always remember how cool it was to burn your hand with the power of her throws while playing catch. Although I’m kind of sorry he wasn’t joking like I usually suspected…)

Return of the Jedi. At least I predicted it tonight as soon as they chose it to watch with dinner, and so I was able to get their beds made before either fell asleep. This is crazy, though, it’s on VHS from when Star Wars was only a trilogy. And I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve watched, er, fallen asleep to it.

It’s more than that. A day of grace.

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