December 2006

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the primary event intended to ring in the New Year in this part of all parts, has been postponed for an Earth week.

Details and updates shall follow. Thanks for patience!

It should probably be considered as endangering children when they are left with two contagiously ill adults for an extended time.

She’s just sayin’.

The pain cave has not been so pretty lately.

How much rest does it take to shake and bake?

I guess the important thing is that the worst seems to be passing before the major run of college football games commences.

Sweet relief?!

Ah, now I can get back in the frame of mind required to capture bloggable material. Apologies for not giving my blog the love it deserves.

Even better than the Cookie Monster hand puppet given to L., was the smile it brought out from him. Yes, I kick myself for not having my camera glued to my hand.

Is it alright I took a nap today after my boyz left (and maybe stayed in my comfy pajamas all day)? All indicators point to yes.

My condolences to the friends and family of the Soul Man.

Is there anything you want

(insert SFX: worst-ever beatbox impression that actually ends up sounding authentic to spoken-word artist, even as it devolves into fit of laughter, that ends with illustrious roll/fall into chair…)


(Straightman, unemotional):
Do you need to go to the hospital?

(Uninterrupted laughter by first speaker, still at unintentional rap joke… The kind of laughter that involves one’s entire body, frequently enlisted when an old joke has been turned around, with no elaborate setup. A tinge of pride rang in the air.)

Seriously, I’m putting stuff away. Is there anything else you need . . .

(Devolves into more laughter–the kind that layers on top of exhaustion, and knows no seriosity.)

Are you having a seizure?

(The master–the Scrabbleman to score his household’s first bingo on “stooges,” and then refuse to play ever again, having reached a personal zenith–continues to maintain an expressionless face, until a smile finally cracks through at the edges.)

Just because…

Got pole?

* I have no doubt I’m the last to blog this, yet I felt I must. I did notice some early airing of grievances.

Next to the original Mannheim Steamroller Christmas album, and the now defunct, (Disney) Christmas Sing-A-Long Cassette, stands (the original) A Very Special Christmas as my all-time, never-get-sick-of*, collection of holiday favorites. (Before those, in the Age of 8-tracks, there was a great set of Dolly and Kenny singing the classics, but obviously my tastes have matured greatly since then.)

* Given, it’s true that I rarely get sick of enduring favorites, precisely because they are enduring favorites… Unfortunately, I pretty much stopped searching for new holiday tunes after childhood, so I was not aware of these options until recently!  Many thanks to the bloggers who are gracious enough to share new (and new-to-us) tunes!

Happy holidays.  Whatever the occasion, I hope you get your hula hoop!

Gratuitous link in lieu of Chipmunks and beer in a tree.

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