I surprised Mom, and myself, with a visit today, and ended up embarking on a surprise treasure hunt. She wanted LJS for dinner. (I’m happy to do whatever I can when I can for her–well, for anyone, really.) No coupons were located prior to setting me Saturn to northern coordinates, but her stomach was set. “Just get the Treasure Chest,” she directed.

I sailed fearlessly. Swift, yet mindfully.

I entered LJS, and happened to be looking around enough to notice an ad with several coupons torn out. It had been left (for me?!) on the divider between the entranceway and the seating area. The Treasure chest/family feast (8 fish, 2 sides, and 50 hushpuppies) for $12.99 remained, so I immediately checked the expiration date (and then double-checked the date on my mobile). Whew–last day to redeem. I confidently collected the coupon and proceeded to order and pay. A smooth transaction ensued (aside from a few attempts to sell me beverages, desserts, and more hushpuppies). I sat on the bench, with my order placard displayed, while waiting for the vittles. It was just enough time to notice a man and two children enjoying a meal at the booth next to the exit, and to message Mom that I saw the sign outside for $1 Baja Fish Tacos as I walked in, and ordered those instead. (She is far from a southwestern cuisine afficionado, and I must have been too nice, because she didn’t even flinch before responding, “Ok.” As the Subject, no less!)

Great service, seeing the kids, the timing of the coupon discovery, and anticipation of swiping some crunchies inspired me to ring the bell on my way out the door.

See what transpires when you look around?

Yesterday, you needed to have eaten half of a Kashi Black Bean and Mango entree, and stored the leftovers in the fridge overnight.

Use the reheat setting on the microwave to warm that (loosen container lid to vent) until you smell it; stir; warm a bit longer. (Pull tortilla, and optional shredded cheese and sour cream from fridge while warming.)

Throw a tortilla on a plate. Sing a little diddy while doing so. Sing aloud if you are bold and have neighbors who seem tolerant. Set microwave for 33 seconds on power 3.

After warm and soft, line middle of tortilla with sour cream, sprinkle cheese, top with black bean mango and veggie mixture. Roll like a burrito. Enjoy.

Missing key element: camaraderie, so be creative.

Snapped pic with that stuff that’s cool in pink.

Snapped pic with that stuff that’s cool in pink.