So, I was doing my warm-up walk in the therapy pool, pushing the foam noodle for stability. Mom’s walking backward ahead of me, and something floating in the water caught my eye. I started cracking up, which threw my balance off, and put me in no position to point or fetch the floater. The shiny item ended up being some rebel eye drop vials that escaped shallow pockets. The way it floated, and happened so unexpectedly prolonged the whimsical mood of that moment.

“Just Wright,” has its moments.

What a privilege to get in this terrain, first of all.

Initial zoom:
Harry Potter with the dialogue is much appreciated! Thank you, Movies 14. This is my part in publicizing the captions–now increase equality of accessibility (movies ans showtimes). If all of HP was in Parseltongue, without subtitles, then people would have had a fit, and not enjoyed it nearly as much. Great quotes in the movie itself. Open captions are the best (most sociologically sound and economical from production to distribution), but I’m happy to have this addition to the repertoire if it means more access for more people. Something is still fishy with how Movies 14 went from all movies and showtimes having “CC,” to just a very limited few. Baby steps.


Thank you to Travis, Shane, and everyone in between!

*Energy* plus Flow equals synthesis of inputs and generation of life-enriching outputs.

A bit of everything is contributing.

I’m not sure if that’s actually a word. A film with aspects and balance that resonated quite strongly with me (along with the city locations it features):
August Rush.

Do you have any recs? I’m especially lacking in comedies that are quirky, but no need to set limits.

Out on DVD, my friends! (crossing appendages that bonus features are captioned/sub-titled — I’ve been pleased to find more and more are and hope the trend continues)

See it and bee it, baby!”


The only Open-Captioned movie I saw, first-run, at a theater in 2007. I am related to a couple master Skill Crane operators. Hence, the Bart Simpson in Party Posse attire.