“The improvements are happening as our brains rewire. It is (now) classic neuroplasticity. Never underestimate temporal duration and persistent practice. The combined positive effect of both outpaces the detriments of aging.”

Never dismiss the outliers. Learn from them. In this age, everyday people more easily connect with more “exceptions” at an earlier stage of experience in trajectories of changing states-of-being. This results in rapid and earlier correction of professional expert and scientific conventional wisdom (assuming truth reflects actual outcomes and not necessarily convenient data–see long trending observation of hypotheses and theories packaged and disseminated as substantiated experiential facts, statistics framed to advance particular paradigm*). Face validity discounted. Lifting veils

Do not set aside those outliers. Rather, identify intervening variables that generated them!

* Often done with honorable intention, but we shall not exercise inconsistent practices in judging standards and advancing management paradigms, with unintended consequence of doing more harm.

Time to measure.