February 2010

… family members feel utterly helpless, whether it be a parent, sibling, or child (seemingly or expected to be) suffering from any affliction. And we deflect the anger about the raw situation with the “if only,” as if changing all those other things would change the progression or outcome that already passed. And maybe some of them would, but who knows the right combination? There’s so much context that gets forgotten, or retrospectively added. Which perspective is privileged and which is silenced?

If we are still in it, then we have the opportunity to focus on all that s/he is doing (apparently) correctly, thereby reducing unnecessary suffering.

P.S. Yelling is counter-productive. And this is a general note on decades of observations and experiences.

Cue Cher?

“What’s more, I needed to feel that delicious feeling in my gut of laughter and love. Emptiness is neutral, a blank canvass with unlimited potential. It is when we fear that we either won’t be able to create something worthy of the space, or that we are too attached to the painting we used to have, that the void becomes a source of stress, bothersome, and a symbol of what we are not ~at the moment~. But we may still become!

Life really is a process of continual rediscovery. Transitions are a little more extreme for those who incur stark and sudden changes in physical and mental states, but as many know from past experiences, once we survive, no one can take that away from us.

Just keep surviving! Every one makes a difference!”